Monday, April 5, 2010

Must-Have Monday: The Newlyweds' Cookbook

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When I was growing up, one day a week we would order in Chinese.  One day a week we would call-in for our favorite Italian food.  The rest of the time?  Chicken.  All types of chicken.  

Cooking, as you can tell, was not something my mom liked to do.  Or my dad.

So while I love to eat, I don't love to cook.  And neither does my fiancee.  A slight oversight of mine when picking a guy :) 

Which is why we are vowing not only to have and to hold, but to also learn how to make a meal.

The Newlyweds' Cookbook by Ryland Peters & Small is an ideal addition to our currently bare (but hopefully soon-to-be abundant) kitchen.  It not only lets you know what items you should have on your shelves - it tells you which shelves they should go on.

As for the recipes, the book seems to cover all the bases - from family gatherings and quick week night whip-ups to desserts and drinks.

All the ingredients for mealtime success?  Sounds like a big Bon Appetit to me!

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