Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage Typewriter Inspiration


I used to click clack away on my father's old typewriter.  I would sit in his basement office and pretend to be a journalist, a teacher, a secretary. I loved the sound it would make, each time I hit a key. I felt mature and important, even though I was only seven years old.  That's why vintage typewriters will always hold a special place in my heart... and lucky for me, they serve as great decor inspiration:

Have family and friends type out their guest book well wishes and words of wisdom
{image via Snippet & Ink}

Turn vintage typewriter keys into table cards

Incorporate the machinery into your wedding photography
{image via LifeImages}

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pretty Parasols


Parasols protect you from the sun and pretty up a cocktail, but they can also serve as fantastic wedding decor. String them up, lie them down, fill them with things... the options are endless!

Hang several parasols upside down and fill them with the flowers of your choice

Line the walkway to the alter with lanterns and place parasols in front of the light

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DIY Place Mat


Turn a pretty piece of wrapping paper into a sophisticated place setting.  Cut a cute triangle in the corner, lift the flap and write the guest's name. Voila - decor greatness on a dime!

{image and inspiration via Martha Stewart Weddings}

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cigar Bar


What guy doesn't want to feel a bit like Don Draper? Set up a cigar bar so the groom and his cohorts can tap their suave inner Mad Men style:

{image via WeddingChicks}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Featured Photographer: Jennifer Rau


I recently went to an incredibly beautiful, amazingly fun wedding in Redondo Beach, CA. And in between laughing, dancing, digging in and hamming it up for the photo booth I met the equally fabulous Jennifer Rau.  Not only is she incredibly sweet, she is totally talented.  Here is a glimpse of a recent e-session she did in Bakersfield, CA. I mean, how can you not love her use of props and how seamlessly she infuses the couple's personality into the setting?!

{all images via Jennifer Rau Photography}

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hay Decor


As an ode to Mr. Ed (my favorite talking horse of all time) and to my love of rustically romantic settings, I've decided to feature a few ways that hay can be incorporated into a wedding.  Get ready to embrace your inner farm girl:

Hay Stack Ring Bearer Pillow
(image via Perfect Wedding Guide; purchase via Bragging Bags}

Bales of Hay as Seating- just don't forget the cushion coverings
{image via GetMarried}

Hay-tastic Centerpiece
{image via WeddingBee}

Thursday, August 19, 2010

DIY Address Labels


It's not always what's on the inside that matters - sometimes it's what on the outside that makes a difference. 

In regards to invitations that is.  

Use these free (yes, I said FREE) wrap-around, spring-inspired address labels to dress up any mailing envelope.  

Head to the terrific Tart Workshop to download these amazing DIY labels.

{inspiration via iDIY; image via Tart Workshop}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet Candy Buffet

We all know I love yellow (I mean really, who doesn't?) so I'm always trying to think of ways to incorporate it into any party possible.  This couple managed to turn their sweet soiree's candy buffet into a burst of yellow sunshine.  Oh yes, this made me happy! And who knew there were so many sunny options when it came to sugar?

{all images via Kelly Chau Photography}

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Marshmallow Wedding Cakes


Cupcakes might be the latest "instead of a cake" craze - but  marshmallows are holding their own in terms out of the box dessert ideas.  Incorporate these fluffy sweets into an everyday cake design... or just make them the ENTIRE cake.  Check out two ideas below... but have a napkin handy for when you start salivating :)

 {image via Sugar Rush}

{image via The Sweet Treat}

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hanging Vases

Flowers don't just have to sit in the middle of a table.  Place pretty petals in delicate vases and hang them from twine, thread, ribbon, etc. to create dazzling decor:

{image via Ruffled Blog}

{image via Event Jubilee}

Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured Photographer: Stephanie Williams Photography


Balloons and the color yellow have been abundant in the bridal blogosphere this week. Which makes me supremely happy.  But what sent me over the moon was how Stephanie Williams Photography incorporated yellow balloons - along with polaroid photography and a beautiful farm setting - into this amazing engagement shoot.  Feast your eyes on these shots and feel free to swoon along with me:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Virtual Bridal Shower for the Amazing Abby

There are many wonderful things about the bridal blogosphere - but the best part is the people I've e-met.  This includes all of the fantastic bloggers that joined together to create a wonderful quilt filled with words of wisdom for the amazingly awesome Abby over at at Life in the Superburbs - who is walking down the aisle this upcoming Saturday. And now it's your chance to take part in the festivities:

Oh, and yes, this awesome invite was created by Andrea at Gwyneth Paige (beyond talented, yes?!)

Andrea of Tapestri took all of our words and handcrafted a beautiful bridal shower quilt. Naomi of Enchanted Weddings & Dreams pulled the whole thing together... and below is a glimpse of the gift of love that was created:

I know you're dying to check out the rest of the wedding advice these great gals gave the almost newlywed. Head on over to these girls' amazing blogs to have a look.  And then scoot over to Abby's site to check out the full quilt (and leave her some of your own wise advice!)

Suzy at Dog N' Bird

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Traditional Twist on Chuppahs


It's possible to stick to the traditional without always following tradition (does that make sense?!) If you're having a Jewish (or even interfaith) wedding, a Chuppah is probably part of your ceremony.  

Slight break for a quick history lesson!

According to Wikipedia, A chuppah (Hebrew: חוּפָּה‎, pl. חוּפּוֹת, chuppot, literally, "canopy" or "covering"), also huppah, chupah, or chuppa, is a canopy under which a Jewish bride and groom stand during their wedding ceremony. A chuppah symbolizes the home that the couple will build together. While a Jewish marriage is still considered valid in the absence of a chuppah, a chuppah is still considered a basic requirement for a Jewish wedding.

Traditionally, a chuppah consists of a cloth or sheet, sometimes a tallit, stretched or supported over four poles, or sometimes manually held up by attendants to the ceremony. But feel free to take a modern spin on this age-old tradition.  Use flowers, silk, a hand-made quilt or even lucite to create your chuppah.  In the end, it's what the chuppah symbolizes, not what it's made of that makes this tradition special!

A lucite canopy
{image via Davinci Florist}

Lighted by hanging lanterns
{image via LI Weddings}

A silk covering
{image via Dawn Easter Events}

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clothes Line Creativity


Turn an everyday clothes line into chic, rustic decor:

Have guests impart words of wisdom onto uniquely designed paper. Then turn their notes into pretty decor that will sway in the wind.
{image via Cori Kindred}

Hanging guest favors from a clothes line transforms the typical "thank you for coming gift" into a work of art
{image via Martha Stewart Weddings}

Forget the table - hang cards from a clothes line! It will send guests into a spin cycle of excitement as they make their way to their seats
{image via MissAmberlane}

Monday, August 9, 2010

DIY Comic Book Table Numbers


There are a gazillion uses for photo cubes... including turning them into table numbers filled with your favorite comic strips.  Comic book lovers Sarah and Dominic transformed these simple, plastic cubes into centerpieces AND table numbers.  Totally cool, totally practical, totally original and totally fun! 

If there was a thought bubble above my head right now it would say, "WOWIE!" 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garage E-Session Inspiration

When I ran across this garage e-session on April Foster Events, I about died of happiness. And inspiration. And just total awe.  Love is not a strong enough word to describe how much I swooned over the use of paint and originality in these photos!

{all images via April Foster Events}

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tin Can Decor

When you think of tin cans and then you think weddings, you probably conjure up images of these cans hanging off the back bumper of the newlyweds' get-away vehicle.  Well - think again. Tin cans have come aloooong way.  Be prepared to have your perceptions blown:

Tin Can Wedding Invitation
{image via Lovely Package}

Floral Centerpieces
{image via the Little White Book}

Bridal Shower Crafts Station
{image via Martha Stewart}