Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vineyard Inspired Wedding Details


I've only been to Napa Valley once, but the beauty of it has never left me (even in my somewhat intoxicated state at the time :) Infuse your vineyard wedding, your wine tasting bridal shower or your dinner party with these creative, colorful ideas:

Boxed Grapevine and Cork Letterpress Invitation from Hana Hou Productions

Frozen Grape Centerpieces
{image via Valley & Co.}

Acts of Kindness Wine Jute Bags from Wisteria
 {image via CocktailsDetails}


  1. I love vineyard weddings, and we tied in a lot of wine-and-grape-themed elements, even though we didn't actually get married at a vineyard.

  2. Love this! We visited a vineyard recently and it rocked my socks off. Great inspo, babe.

  3. Those grapes so cute. Love the ideas!

  4. I can just taste the grapes - What a lovely idea (plus they're edible.)

  5. just adore the acts of kindness jute bags...they would make perfect wedding favors and they are a gift that keeps giving which i like alot.

  6. Loving this! Thank you for the shout-out, too!