Friday, July 23, 2010

Decorative Ice Cubes

You've got ice on your finger, now you need some ice in that glass you are using to make a celebratory toast.  Here are my favorite finds to jazz up your drink and your party:

For the DIY Crowd:

 Fruit Cubes
{image via TLC Cooking; directions via Tipnut}
1. Fill the tray one-third full with water, then partially freeze
2. Add the fruit then freeze. This will hold the fruit in position
3. Then add water until the tray is about three-fourths full and finish freezing

 Flower & Mint Ice Cubes
{image & instructions via DognBird}
1. Fill ice cube trays one-third full with distilled water
2. Freeze for one hour then add small flowers or mint leaves
3. Add more water and freeze all the way

For those of us (ahem, me) with a bit less time and a lot less craftiness:

Glam Ice Cubes
Set of 6 for $6
{image via CB2}

 Heart Ice Cube Tray
{image via Random Good Stuff}


  1. Thank you so much for the link love, these ideas are awesome! The strawberry is great.

  2. When I was little I loved chewing on ice cubes - these are totally tempting the kid in me! That strawberry looks sooooooo good!