Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a Mad Mad Wedding

July 25th. Get ready for it.  Mad Men. It's back on.  And life becomes infinitely better. Those drinks, those dresses, those dapper men I can't stop drooling over! I don't want to rush the summer away, but I can barely contain my excitement for the start of this amazing, makes me wish I lived in Manhattan in the 60s, television show.

To tide me - and you - over for another couple of weeks... here are some Mad Men inspired, 60s styled wedding ideas:

{image via Wedding Chicks}

{image via Honey Suckle Chic}


  1. i love that dress with the bow detail...cant wait for don ;)

  2. That dress OMG is fantastically gorgeous. I am so ready for Mad Men...and yes Chris, Don!