Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 4th Inspiration

I wear festive head bands. Some people wave a miniature American flag. Others break out the sparklers.  However you do it and whomever you do it with, let your patriotism shine as bright as those fireworks overhead.  Here are some July 4th inspirations to help you sail off into the long weekend.

American Fare on top of a Quintessential Dessert
{image and inspiration via Cupcakeaholic}

DIY Picnic Flair 
Instructions can be found here
{image and inspiration via Twig & Thistle}

A Patriotic "S-andle"
{image and inspiration via Hostess Blog}


  1. I love the way you guys celebrate this day... everything is always so happy and bright!! ;))

  2. Love the cute cupcakes! Happy Fourth!

  3. We Americans are crazy, Sofia. We're INSANE. We celebrate ourselves. It's crazy. ... But it's also MAJOR FUN. :) Great post, KimmyKimKimKimmeh (can I call you that? No? Ok.)

  4. So fun! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! :)