Friday, September 10, 2010

Paper Wedding Dresses


Talk about time intensive - these dresses were all made out of paper.  PAPER! Pretty impressive; but it also makes my accident prone body cringe a little - what if I tripped and it ripped? What if I spilled something on it? Super absorbent, maybe. But practical...???

Would you dare to wear a paper wedding gown? Is this trend eco-chic or a big ol' heck no?

{image via Bellz & Whistlez)


  1. Wow! I guess it's a fun idea, unless it rains or you get wet.

  2. WOW, this is so incredibly amazing. I am laughing out loud - that first one is HYSTERICAL. But this rules, girl!

  3. At first look I am not believing that this dress made from the paper. Such a elegant art!! I think you can not wear this dress at the time of wedding.

  4. Very cool! Just don't get near any open flames!