Tuesday, November 16, 2010

String Art


Anyone else remember playing cat's cradle? Anyone? I used to play it all the time. I tried to do it again recently and apparently you need the dexterous hands of a 7 year old to play that game.  

Moving along.

Even though I'm unable to do a simple string task, I'm glad there are people out there with Houdini fingers that can turn string into masterpieces. I bet they could even turn string into wine if they tried. Or, at least into a bottle of wine!

But a girl can daydream, and today I daydreamed that my fingers could pull off these:

Table Numbers
{image and inspiration via Happiness Is...}

Wedding Sign
{image and inspiration via The Sweetest Occasion}


  1. Love the wedding sign - that is some kind of awesome!

  2. So creative, I love it! If only I was this talented...

  3. Oh this reminds me of my cork post I did with the white initials!!! Just LOVE that 8 above - so fabulous!! Great finds my dear ;-)


  4. I love colorful string! :) Thank you for that pick me up!

  5. Wow that sign is incredible... what patience you'd have to have to do that! But so worth it!