Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yay or Nay: Unique Wedding Veils

Classy or Sassy? What are your thoughts on non-traditional wedding veils?

{image via Holladay Weddings}


  1. i love how today's brides don't shy away from making their wedding day their own

  2. I have not yet seen anything like that first look before today. How interesting in its hippiness! And I ADORE the third one. I think I featured her for some other reason last year on the blog and remember having a slight crush. A slightly HUGE crush. Thanks for sharing these unique looks with us, Kim! And by the way, thanks for the Twitter tweet; I'm so glad :) I appreciate your comments like crazy, so we got a good thing going here, I think. ;)

  3. Those are so fantastic! I think the first one is especially unique and very romantic.

  4. All have a nice look, but none of them "speak" to me.