Monday, August 23, 2010

Hay Decor


As an ode to Mr. Ed (my favorite talking horse of all time) and to my love of rustically romantic settings, I've decided to feature a few ways that hay can be incorporated into a wedding.  Get ready to embrace your inner farm girl:

Hay Stack Ring Bearer Pillow
(image via Perfect Wedding Guide; purchase via Bragging Bags}

Bales of Hay as Seating- just don't forget the cushion coverings
{image via GetMarried}

Hay-tastic Centerpiece
{image via WeddingBee}


  1. I love farm-themed weddings, especially one we went to last year. The dance floor inside an old rustic barn was fabulous!

  2. Wonderful! I absolutely looove rustic-themed weddings. If a bride's got a good eye the most random odds & ends can make for amazing decor!

  3. Bales of hay covered with rustic blankets and throws are awesome and if you borrow from a local farmer they can be free too!