Thursday, August 12, 2010

Virtual Bridal Shower for the Amazing Abby

There are many wonderful things about the bridal blogosphere - but the best part is the people I've e-met.  This includes all of the fantastic bloggers that joined together to create a wonderful quilt filled with words of wisdom for the amazingly awesome Abby over at at Life in the Superburbs - who is walking down the aisle this upcoming Saturday. And now it's your chance to take part in the festivities:

Oh, and yes, this awesome invite was created by Andrea at Gwyneth Paige (beyond talented, yes?!)

Andrea of Tapestri took all of our words and handcrafted a beautiful bridal shower quilt. Naomi of Enchanted Weddings & Dreams pulled the whole thing together... and below is a glimpse of the gift of love that was created:

I know you're dying to check out the rest of the wedding advice these great gals gave the almost newlywed. Head on over to these girls' amazing blogs to have a look.  And then scoot over to Abby's site to check out the full quilt (and leave her some of your own wise advice!)

Suzy at Dog N' Bird


  1. KIM: LOVE your quote!!!It was amazing "working" with you fabulous girl!!!

  2. Awwww...your quote is so beautiful. I just got goosebumps!