Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vintage Typewriter Inspiration


I used to click clack away on my father's old typewriter.  I would sit in his basement office and pretend to be a journalist, a teacher, a secretary. I loved the sound it would make, each time I hit a key. I felt mature and important, even though I was only seven years old.  That's why vintage typewriters will always hold a special place in my heart... and lucky for me, they serve as great decor inspiration:

Have family and friends type out their guest book well wishes and words of wisdom
{image via Snippet & Ink}

Turn vintage typewriter keys into table cards

Incorporate the machinery into your wedding photography
{image via LifeImages}


  1. Oh I LOVE this idea! How vintage and cute! Great post.

  2. lol i used to the same thing & pretend i was a journalist!

  3. How cute! During college, I used to work in an office that still used a typewriter!

  4. I've seen vintage typewriter keys turned into necklace pendants and they're so charming!

  5. I am loving the vintage typewriter keys that are used for the table cards!! So cute & very unique!

  6. so sweet! i loved "typing" (more like pretend typing) so much too!