Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 1-2-3-2-1 Workout


 I love ice cream.  Actually, there should be a new word to describe how obsessed I am with ice cream.  And apparently, getting engaged and becoming a bit more stressed has made me crave that creamy goodness even more.  Give me some mint chocolate chip with a side of Say Yes to the Dress and the stress just melts away.

So even though my wedding is a year and a half away, I realize I need to curb the ice cream madness - or find a workout to burn the calories away quickly.

Luckily, the other day my boss handed me a 500 pound Vogue - and while I thought about using it for weight training, I actually decided to read the famed fashion magazine (a fashionista at heart I am not).  And surprisingly, after getting past the ads and the shoes I couldn't afford, I ran across a fitness article that I've decided has changed my life.

The trainer in the article put the editor through the 1-2-3-2-1 workout.  Sprint for one minute, jog for one minute; sprint for two minutes, jog for two minutes.  You get the point. 

Let me tell you.  I wanted to die on the treadmill.  Even though I'm pretty good runner, this brought me pretty close to puking.

And guess what I had for a snack to celebrate my new, intense, calorie burning blast? Some ice cream :)

I don't think Anna Wintour would approve.

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