Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Attached by the Money Clip


On the second Valentine's Day we spent together, my then boyfriend (now fiancee) gave me a set of keys to his apartment.  That was a big deal.  A VERY big deal. 

But not as big as moving in together - which happened a  year and a half after the first key exchange.

And definitely not as huge as when he got down on one knee.

Then, this weekend, I felt like we took the largest step of them all... at least for me.  We opened a joint bank account.


I'm not sure why this is the biggest deal of all, but knowing that we are sharing money, saving for our future - it's crazy adult. We are starting a nest egg for, well, our future nest and the baby birds that will reside in it!

Signing on the dotted line, my name next to his, our tiny little lump sum in one account... it was thrilling and totally weird all at the same time.

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