Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A To-Do List Junkie


Two days after we got engaged my mother asked me where we were registered.  

No joke.

And five days after that, everyone started asking what kind of wedding we wanted, where we wanted it, what was our color scheme... it was a never ending barrage of questions.

For someone who really thought she would just get engaged and then many months later just show up to a ready made party - this was relatively overwhelming.  And by relatively, I mean extremely.

My first response?  Run to Barnes & Noble (my happy place) and get a book that would answer all my questions.  But as I looked at all my options for over an hour, I got overwhelmed. Again.  And left empty handed.  

So when my friend Wendy gave me the Knot Book of Wedding Lists I almost cried. From happiness.

This book is AMAZING!  Who doesn't love ready made to-do lists, broken down into easy-to-read sections?  I've bookmarked pages, I've made the fiancee look at it with me, I've even kissed the cover in gratitude.

And when we finally do go to register?  I'll have a scanner in one hand and the Knot Book of Wedding Lists in the other.


  1. I have this book too - love lists!

  2. Glad to know a fellow list lover :) I thought there registry section was amazing!