Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flaw-shing Forward


This is not news - every girl wishes she could change something about herself.  At least, every girl I know. And with a looming wedding, the all-important dress and photos that are going to last a lifetime... those problem areas become that much, well, larger.

It's easy to forget, amidst all this working out and dieting, skin hydrating and cleansing... that all these "flaws" are the things that make me ME.  

My curly hair, my not-so-taut tummy, my smallish eyes - These are all the things that my fiancee loves about me!

Which is why when Self Magazine introduced me to, they sent my heart a-flutter.  This site celebrates the stuff we normally hate about ourselves.  

So when I'm stressing about my love handles, my frizzy locks and the lines that I wish I could erase from my face - I'll log onto this refreshing site and remember that my imperfections are perfectly wonderful!

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