Friday, February 26, 2010

Marriage and Religion... Oy Vey!

While I know the words yenta and schlep, the last time my family and I were in Temple for a religious reason was when I had my bat mitzvah.  At the age 12.  I'm now one week away from turning 29.

Which is why it took me by surprise when my father all of a sudden tapped into his Jewish roots.  The appearance of a ring on my finger seemed to unhinge the hidden Jew within my dad.

I was informed that we could NOT have a Saturday day wedding.  When asked why, he explained that it was against the Jewish religion.  When I asked why this mattered, he said, "It just does."

I was told, "We need a Rabbi."  When I asked why, he said, "We just do." 

I should note - my fiancee is not Jewish.  He's Catholic (but in the way that I'm Jewish - meaning, very lapsed).  So now we're having a rabbi, but we need to find one that will do the service with a priest.  

All I've got to say is... The whole thing is making me feel a bit mashugana!


  1. my parents did the priest / rabbi thing - but that was in 1984 in FL ... so i guess im not very helpful huh, haha

  2. Erin - any advice you have would be helpful! I'm sure the religion/marriage thing is an enduring theme through the ages :)