Thursday, March 4, 2010

An APPle a Day


I have never been on the cutting edge of technology - but that doesn't mean I didn't gaze with envy at every person who had an iPhone.  That doesn't mean I didn't WISH I had "an app for that."

And then... I did.  Have an app for that, I mean.  In fact, several apps.  Because recently, I was given an iPhone.  And it is everything I had hoped it would be.  From the GPS function (a necessity for the directionally challenged such as myself) to the Weather at my finger tips - I now don't know how I lived without this coveted piece of technology that connects me to the world.

So, although I might be late to the game, that doesn't mean I haven't grabbed some free apps (and purchased the ones that I really really needed!)  After much research (I'm nothing if not thorough) and endless hours of scrolling and searching, here are my most favorite - wedding and otherwise:

iXpenseIt ($4.99) - Since we just set up a joint bank account, are saving for our wedding AND our future, we needed to start monitoring our expenses (turns out, we eat. A lot. And we have a pretty strong Starbucks addiction). You can set a monthly budget, track everything and then download it into excel.  Compare, contrast, be shocked - but basically, be happy for this app. It will help you figure out where your money is going and how you need to modify your spending habits.

SoundHound ($4.99) - I'm tone deaf, but that doesn't mean I don't love to belt out a few tunes every now and again. Now when I hear a song and I want to know the title, the artist or the lyrics, this app saves me. I just hold up my iPhone and wait to be enlightened. It works most of the time. It can even recognize a song I sing into it - that's pretty impressive.

Bejeweled 2 ($2.99) - I love to stare at my engagement ring, but it's also fun to look at at other beautiful baubles. Especially when I can line them up and blow them to bits. Such great stress relief! Be aware - this is highly addictive... but worth every pretty penny.

CheckPlease Lite (Free) - I don't do numbers. Neither do most of my friends. So you can imagine, when we all go out to brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks, we're pretty much dumbfounded about how to split the bill and then add in tax and tip. That's why I have to give a big WOOT WOOT to this app. It has made it possible for me not to count with my fingers under the table and remain a math moron.

Gilt Groupe (Free) - My tres trendy boss introduced me to this; and whether it's because she knows I need to update my wardrobe or is aware that I'm deal obsessed... I don't really care.  Because now I have designer wares and fabulous sales at my finger tips.  And honestly, being the first to grab the best garb is always in fashion.

Wedding 911 by The Knot (Free) - I whole-heartedly admit that I'm a pretty clueless bride-to-be. Which is why I love the "AskCarley" section where all my wedding woes and wonders are addressed.  To be honest, I have never posted a question (which I have heard is finicky at best) but this app is great for on-the-go help.

Brides Dressing Room (Free) - I'm about to start dress shopping and lugging around magazines everywhere I go is starting to hurt my back (although it is a great workout). I haven't used the appointment booker yet (seems pretty cool) but I am addicted to browsing through bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns and marking my favorites.  I get to have "Say Yes to the Dress" moments daily from the comfort of my metro seat!

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  1. You are so funny! An Apple a day sounds so much better than a "Storm" a day... {that's what I have} but I do love me my apps too!