Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here Comes the Dadzilla


{image via sillydad.com}

It's a rare species, prone to irrational outbursts and likely to throw a temper tantrum or two.  While mostly indigenous to these parts, it turns out I am related to one of these two legged monsters.  

Yes, I'm talking about a Dadzilla. He appeared about a month after my engagement and is now a permanent fixture in my life.

HE wants a ten piece band.

HE doesn't think my hair should be up.

HE gets to pick the photographer.

Normally, my dad is very rational.  Yes, he's opinionated.  Yes, he has expensive taste.  But usually, he'll speak his mind and let it rest.  

But now, blinded by the engagement ring on my finger, he's become wild-eyed with wedding planning. This type of flower, this kind of dress, that style of cake... if it weren't so frustrating half the time, it would be amusing.

 Perhaps this is payback for my less-than-pleasant teenage years? 

Either way, it has all been a lesson in patience, parental management and learning how to pick your battles.  I'm likely going to leave the wedding planning process more prepared for marriage and parenting. Really, it's a much cheaper route than counseling (though, perhaps a bit more painful)!

The last I heard, the Dadzilla wants a Vera Wang wedding dress.  

I'm excited to see how he looks in it.


  1. Good luck! PS Can't wait to see Dadzilla in his Vera Wang. ;)

  2. you are too funny girl! Bless your dad's heart and be glad he has good taste! haha

  3. You're hysterical! Unfortunately I can relate, but your dad is at least picking on the fun aspects! :)

    Honestly, after planning a wedding, I think you will be able to handle ANYTHING@ :)

  4. wow, never thought Uncle Bob would be so... invested in those things? Have Isabel calm him down

  5. I know! Isabel is doing a good job with keeping him under control for the most part :)

  6. This is probably one of the funniest wedding blog posts I've ever read! I'd be surprised if my Dad even knew of Vera Wang!