Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recipe for Relative Success


I needed a day to reflect on how the weekend went (and let the overdose of food finally settle).  And while I'm glad it went well - lots of hugging and kissing and loving between the families - it makes for a pretty boring post.

My mom kept us laughing (she told us stories about patients named urine, dudee and bimbo) and feeling slightly uncomfortable with tales about the amicable divorce between her and my dad.  

My father was surprisingly tame, only making a few inappropriate references about sex.  

My stepmom and stepdad were amazingly normal - and though my stepdad rarely talks, he actually flexed his vocal cords several times.  

And, of course, my future-in-laws were as lovely as usual.

Our recipe for success looked something like this:

The end result?  A beautiful family dish devoid of dysfunction... and a wonderful wedding that will go on as planned!

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