Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Polite to Gawk


 My name is Kim and I have a staring problem.  I don't even realize I'm watching people until someone (fiancee, friend, family member) yells at me to stop being rude.  I honestly can't help it - I get invested in strangers!  I love imagining what they're talking about and creating crazy scenarios (once, I saw a couple at Starbucks and decided that they were in the midst of a breakup. I had a whole soap opera type plot line developed over the course of one soy latte).

Which is all to say, that when my friend (and bridesmaid) Wendy sent me a link to I became obssessed. Immediately.  I spent an hour staring at the beautiful wedding photos and ideas submitted by people across the world.  It not only satisfied my staring, it has given me some great ideas for my future nuptials.  Thank you - I can now embrace my addiction without guilt.

Here are a few of my favorite photos (and creative ideas):



  1. Hey there! Thanks for the shout out! Yes, I love Wedding Gawker too... it seemed they magically appeared out of thin airand edited tons of wedding information into some truly fabulous pics! What a godsend! Happy wedding planning and thanks for following Merci New York!

  2. Thanks, Jacqueline! I love your blog and plan to read it often for ideas as I think about ways to make my wedding truly special :)

  3. Hi Kim! We are glad you have a staring problem. We are even happier that you like the site and find it useful. Happy wedding planning!