Thursday, March 25, 2010

Be My Guest(book)

Here are my thoughts on wedding guest books.  I'm not a fan.  I know I know - I'm in a small minority.  But the traditional guest books remind me of yearbooks.  Which in turn remind me of middle school and high school. Which I would never want to repeat. 

So I likely won't have a guest book.  Since I have this weird, negative pavlovian response to them.

But, in my search for something different, I ran across some incredibly cool ways for guests to record their well wishes while at the wedding:

I love that you can frame this - it becomes a piece of art rather that I can smile at daily!

Flowers and fun memories all in one place? Yes, please!

{image via For-Bridal-Showers}
This could become a great serving platter - and conversation starter - years down the road. Plus, we all know I love anything food-related.

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