Monday, March 22, 2010

Must-Have Monday: Not-So-Cheesy Knife Set


I have been roaming around Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's and Crate & Barrel recently, registering for all the things I think I'm going to need for my future home.  

Will I actually ever host a dinner party for 12 people?  

Will I really ever serve a Martini or mix up a Cosmopolitan?  

And is it even feasible I will ever have a need for fine china?

The answers are all... maybe...

But one think I KNOW I will do (since I currently do it) is have friends over and set out a cheese platter.  Because I love cheese. All types.  Brie, Gouda, Goat... I have really never found a type of cheese I don't like.  

So when I stumbled on the Not-So-Cheesy Adorable Knife set on the quirky, yet oh-so-cool site of, I didn't think twice.  I ran over to my wallet, ran back to my computer and purchased this product immediately.  

Now I am anxiously awaiting the knife set that will turn me into the cheesiest hostess with the mostess in town!

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