Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey Brides, It's Okay If You...


...Admire your engagement ring (and all its sparkliness) several times a day

...Play hooky from wedding planning once in awhile

...Try on a haute couture wedding dress (even if you can't afford to buy it)

...Go a little crazy with the registry gun

...Have a breakdown every now and again

...Take a few days off from the dieting, bridal bootcamp madness - and not feel guilty about it!

...Write your new name over and over again in a notebook, on a napkin (I could go on)...  Just like you did in sixth grade. Hey, you've got to practice :)


  1. Amen to this list! psssst: I still admire my ring~ and all it's sparkliness. And, I even have a breakdown every now and again... just because. :) Great advice!

  2. Heidi! I think it's a great thing to keep admiring :) And breakdowns are necessary to keep sane - wedding related or otherwise!